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A New Direction

A new direction? Can substance marry to style? Last summer, Liverpool reshuffled their youth staff, with most of the attention focusing on the Alex Inglethorpe‘s promotion from under-21 manager to Academy Director. Very few people noticed one of the new

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Can You Feel It?

By Si Dixon – 5 March, 2015 Michael Jackson, the King of pop sang the words ‘Can you feel it, Can you feel it, Can you feel it’ when he was part of the Jackson 5, and whilst you could argue about what he was alluding to, the words can be used wi

Winning ugly and the need for perspective

Over the course of the past 18 months we have been treated to some exhilarating football from BR and the team which has obviously left us all with a thirst for more. This football has been interspersed with some disappointing defeats and lifeless performa

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Doing a Spurs?? Not us mate!

We have all read a lot of opinions and diatribe of late about how we are repeating the same mistakes of Spurs last season, and how our fall from a ‘Lucky’ finish last season is imminent. Apparently we only finished second as we were not playing in Eur

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Would you take 3rd now?

At the start of the season I think we would have all taken 3rd and ran a mile thinking that we could then build on it whilst reaping Champions League money. Now though it would feel like a massive let down to me, Brendan has a lot to answer for. He has ma

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